About Us

We're building smart business


Tuvis is a high-tech startup that aims to provide AI solutions that you use time efficiently and traceable process with decision support systems.

The AI solutions of Tuvis, allow to you monitor your processes instantly, forecast your business’ future. Thanks to Tuvis, you can analyze your image, numeric, and text data to improve your business performance.

We aim to provide industry-independent artificial intelligence services and to offer our solutions platform-independent, together with our team who have done different works in textile, automotive, paper, and MDF industries so far, and we continue our work in line with this goal.

In order to solve the problems in the best way, we facilitate your processes for you with a passionate, determine versatile team to realize the great potential inheritance in artificial intelligence and perception, and to strengthen our customers and the future.

We believe that limited resources should be used efficiently in a world where the speed and variety of processes increase day by day. As you increase your activities, we are very excited to use resources more efficiently, reduce, cost, build a sustainable future and work with you.


Customer Focus

We determine what businesses can do based on their wishes and expectations and present our solutions in the focus of success.

Take Action

We believe that the worst decision is better than indecision. Helps you make quick decisions by making sense of data that you cannot understand and execution while insisting on the highest standards.

Drill Down

We think deeply to understand the problem and conduct further investigation. We expand our capabilities in line with our goals and do whatever needs to be done to achieve success.

Have Grit

With our multitasked team, we can make sense of all the data we encounter, regardless of the field, and we take you to the conclusion by overcoming all obstacles like a survivor track.

Earn Trust

We approach our customers with an honest and reliable approach with our inclusive, open, direct, voice communication and transparency. And we adopt this principle until the end of our process.

Stay Hungry

We are eager to solve challenging problems and acquire new skills. We understand that staying on the bleeding edge is hard work and we are committed to investing in our continual development.


"During my internship, the experience of developing a real project and being a part of the team was very valuable to me. The positive feedback I got after my internship gave me self-confidence in my field."

Esma Haber
Front-End Intern
"Although it is not a very healthy idea to see careers as racing, it is certain that we all embarked on this path to achieve something. As only one of the millions who took this road, I believe that I gained both a very good advantage and good friendships by starting in Tuvis."
Emre Kara
Machine Learning Inter
"Within Tuvis AI, a 5-months internship program deep learning/computer vision inside worked. An enormous team and very dynamic work they have the style. About this young staff and the name "Tuvis" I'm sure we'll hear a lot in the future"

Ege Sabancı
Machine Learning Intern
"While my previous experiences, I also learned new information. My learning process was much more productive with the meetings and the advice of my mentor. To experience the start-up environment with professional gains and to witness the determination of the people who are working hard to create value. I recommend an internship program at Tuvis to anyone."
Murat Beyaz
Machine Learning Intern
"I joined Tuvis in May 2020 as an intern and I am still working. I learned a lot during this time. One of the reasons I have learned so much is that Tuvis has a unique safe zone. I didn't feel any pressure about making mistakes or not being able to do it. I am happy to be a part of the team that is committed to improving, has strong communication, and is understanding."
Fahrettin Orkun İncili
Back-End Intern
"My internship at Tuvis started with the beginning of my working life. Shedding light and my theoretical knowledge with much new information. It was a special internship experience I developed. Tuvis has comfortably in all matter with is a friendly working environment I had an internship process that I communicated and enjoyed."

Atakan Atalar
Machine Learning Intern
"Working with a team that I have fun and learning at the same time has greatly increased my motivation to work. The know-how sharing and support of the team members are very effective in the learning process. I am glad that my paths crossed with the team that I regard as an individual and as an intern."

Büşra Ünlü
Business Development Intern
"During this internship term, I had an opportunity to work with an experienced, friendly, and helpful team who knew how to take care of the intern. As the jobs during the internship term were the real problem, I was able to gain experience like an employee. I could find it necessary for a productive internship program here. I feel lucky to be working with the Tuvis."
Elvan Karahan
Machine Learning Intern