We make your data meaningful to you serve excellent

Tuvis is a high-tech startup that provides AI solutions for make your process efficient by computer vision and data analysis

AI Modules

You can use the AI modules of Tuvis to make your business efficient or meaningful.

R&D Service

Describe your problem to us and we create best-fit solutions for your business.

Data Analysis & Consultancy

Build smart business structure and manage the future by our data forecasting and consultancy.

Visual Inspection Problems

Keep your visual inspection processes perfect

Tuvis visual inspection modules provide perfect analysis for your needs like object detection, classification, and anomaly detection.

Data Analysis Problems

Manage the present and the future by existing data

We provide data analysis to you to understand your existing data, see the situation of your business performance and forecast your business future.

Visualizing Process

Monitor your business instantly

Visualize your processes that you necessary to watch instantly to learn and earn more.

Makes Your Data Meaningful

Tuvis is a high-tech startup that has specialty on data processing by artificial intelligence
What we do

How we keep you innovated

Our doors are always open to welcome those who want to look at their business with new technology

Enabling Technology

Artificial intelligence includes data collection, data conditioning, algorithms, computing.


Ensure your business and audit without the existing rigid business structures or organizations.


Reach high efficiency in dynamic operations thanks to building AI structure that constantly learns.


Use the resources efficiently by monitoring and managing your business for being sustainable.

Scale Smarter

Scale your business smarter by AI decision support modules that help you develop better strategies.

Cut Cost

Reduce your business costs by analyzing the processes and using resources well.

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